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Silk beaded clutch purses

Silk beaded purses

Silk beaded clutch purses are the best handbag choice for anyone who is going to be attending a formal occasions, such as a wedding or party. Silk beaded clutch purses can be found in so many different shapes, colors and ...

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Gold plated Indian traditional costume jewelry

Indian costume jewelry

Gold plated Indian traditional costume jewelry resembles the pure gold jewelry in every way except in terms of the metal used to make it. Manufacturers ensure that gold plated ornaments radiate as much brilliance as the real gold jewelry to ...

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Bangle bracelets Bindis Tikkas

Bangle bracelets, bindis, tikkas

Bangle bracelets Bindis Tikkas are few among numerous choices of accessories that a women can use to enhance there outfits for any occasions. Bangles (aka churi or choodi) are traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women in India, Pakistan ...

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