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Men's kurta pajama

Kurta pajama men’s casual-wear

A kurta pajama is a traditional clothing worn by men in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Kurta pajama being the most common clothing is actually a comfortable wear which has turn out to be style statement for modern Indian males. Though mostly worn on semi-formal and formal occasions such as Diwali, Eid and various religious ceremonies, Kurta pajama can also be worn casually.

It is a loose shirt falling either just above or somewhere below the knees with loose-fitting pajama or shalwar fitted with draw string at the waist. The sleeves of a traditional kurta fall straight to the wrist; they do not narrow, as do many Western-cut sleeves. Sleeves are not cuffed, just hemmed and decorated. Generally soft material fabrics such as cotton is used for making Kurta pajama as it is supposed to be a comfortable loose fitting dress. To suit the taste of the new style, the conventional kurta pajama has undergone a cosmetic change. Men’s kurta pajama today comes with a wide variety of necklines with novel and unique designs and embroidery to suit your taste.

Kurta pajama Trivia

Formal kurtas pajama are usually custom-made by South Asian tailors, who work with the fabric their customers bring to them. South Asian tailors command a vast repertoire of methods, traditional and modern, for decorating fabric. It is likely that all of them have been used, at one time or another, to decorate kurtas. However, the most common decoration is embroidery. Many light summer kurtas feature Chikan embroidery, a specialty of Lucknow, around the hems and front opening. This embroidery is typically executed on light, semi-transparent fabric in a matching thread. The effect is ornate but subtle. Shop for casual-wear or party-wear kurta pajamas as well as pathani suits with different fabrics and designs at discounted prices.

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