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Saris by famous Indian Fashion Designers

Saris by famous Indian Fashion Designers

Saris by famous Indian Fashion Designers are very popular not only in India but also in international markets. Such saris come in various color-shades, designs and mind blowing hand work like zari, mirror, stone, embroidery, zardosi, kundan etc. In spite of Western influences on today’s Fashion Industry, the ethnic element and the traditional touch to Indian costume is still very much alive. Although half-n-half and Lehenga saris have become very popular lately, however, the conventional look of any garment will not change whatever the fashion may be.

Sari plays an important role in Indian culture. In olden days Indian women were wearing saris at home and slowly it became an occasional wear, therefore, it is still an integral part of their lifestyle. With more and more western influence sari took the center stage and it replaced dresses and skirts at large. Now with the distending elevation of these five and half meter drapes, sari continues to grow in popularity due to the rich culture and fashion pundits.

Sari is a true Indian traditional wear as it holds Indian values and culture. Although sari wearing is a difficult task, however, wearing it long enough Indian women have learned to do wonders with the six yards. These days a draped sari with a bustier blouse is how I see celebrities wear on the red carpet. Saris by famous Indian Fashion Designers are adorned with velvet patches, ribbon work, laces, Resham work, intricate hand embroidery, zircons, crystals, diamonds Embellished. They have made the best use of fabrics like Silk, Brocade, Crepe, Georgette, Net, Shimmer etc to make women look more attractive, irresistible and above all well-dressed.

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In year 2013 Cannes Film Festival celebrated 100 years of Indian Cinema, paying homage to the birth of Indian Cinema. The Festival also saw the beginning of a new breath of fashion forward styles from some of India’s leading ladies of Bollywood. I can imagine glamour due to the amount of choice and effort these ladies would have had, to meticulously decide on which designer’s to wear on each day of the festival. Designers must create new templates that suit their creativity instead of allowing the market to set the pace for them, says famous Indian Fashion Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

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